Choosing the right target keywords for SEM

How to avoid 5 common keyword research mistakes for Search Engine Marketing Choosing the right keywords for your PPC campaigns and SEO can be a real challenge. For example, do you target only niche keywords you can gain visibility for or do you concentrate on the more generic keywords that are the most competitive? The key is balance. You should be targeting both types. To understand why, let’s first look at which metrics we recommend you use to categorize and value a keyword. 1. Volume and Difficulty Volume : Number of keyword searches for the term within a given period. Difficulty: Level of competition between domains for the keyword. Types of actionable keywords: Common: Usually a one-word keyword with very little context. Let’s look at a search for the term Apple . What information can we determine from just looking at the keyword Apple about what the person was searching for? Not much. He may be looking for an iPhone or maybe he’s looking for an orchard or a recipe for pi


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