LinkedIn Latest Updates in 2014

16 of your questions on using the new LinkedIn features answered It was good to get LOTS of questions on our latest BrightTALK webcast (view catchup recording) summarising the 7 latest LinkedIn updates with Danny Bermant of Brainstorm Digital.  There were over 40 questions covering the details during the session. We answered most of them, but promised to answer them in full and provide links to the slides for downloads, so here they are! I hope these are helpful. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions in the comments. For a more in-depth look at the new features and much more depth on managing LinkedIn, download our Expert members guide to LinkedIn, also by Danny. Now over to Danny for his answers. 1. Profile Organizer scrapped as premium feature, so now available to all! Q1. Will the contact see any notes you make about them? No, you’re safe to say what you like, so long as you don’t email them! Q2. How to Send mails to only tagged contacts? Click on the  Connecti


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