Do the recent John Lewis spam email damages mean the end for abandoned shopping cart emails?

A recent court case could set a legal precedent to limit behavioural email marketing Importance (to retail email marketers): Recommended link: Sky News: Spammer To Pay Damages After Court Victory There has recently been an interesting, useful and somewhat scary discussion on the Smart Insights LinkedIn discussion group about the risks of email marketers being seen as spammers and action take against them. Worth checking out if you’re involved in email marketing. It alerted me to this recent case where John Lewis has had to pay damages because of their email marketing and data privacy opt-in approach on their site. I’ve created an alert on it  since the finding seems to suggest the common practice of pre-ticking a box during purchase and following that up with an “Abandoned Shopping cart email” The case was brought against the retailer by Roddy Mansfield, a Sky news producer. It was a private action and the finding was in a county court. He had registered his details with J


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