Are you optimising for mobile email or just for mobile email devices?

New survey reveals email marketing top for ROI, but still much potential for improvement Shocking news in the latest Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census: 68% of respondents rated email s ROI as excellent or good (the top result). OK, not a shock. However, despite the continuing strong results from email, the report suggests there is still much potential for improvement. The related infographic is below, and one area definitely in need of more focus is mobile email. When I state the mobile email needs more focus, I don t just mean mobile email design, but mobile email as a whole. So what needs optimising? Ignoring measurement issues for the moment, around half of mails are recorded as opened on a mobile device. This is the obligatory stat to remind us that mobile is not the future, but the present (almost one billion smartphones were sold in 2013). Accordingly, many companies are moving to mobile-friendly design approaches, varying from simple changes to link spacing


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