A process and tools to investigate a drop in conversion rate [Infographic]

Site relaunch conversion rate disaster recovery Developing a persuasive and effective e-commerce website for relaunch involves team work and months of planning. But what happens if your new site actually converts at a lower rate than the one it replaces? After being approached by clients in exactly this situation the team at AWA Digital developed a programme to quickly regain the conversion rates of the old website and start improving it. Called the Conversion Disaster Recovery Plan, it incorporates tools and the systematic application of techniques including research, analysis and split-testing. The step-by-step plan is designed to elicit the underlying reasons why visitors to the new site buy less, uncover where the real problems lie and develop test pages to overcome them. Based on AWA s extensive experience of Conversion Rate Optimisation, the Plan is summarised below as a flowchart and recommended tools to get feedback from customers and assess their behaviour. Thanks to Dan C


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