SEO Gap analysis using Google Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics

A tutorial on estimating your share of search for different keywords using Google’s Webmaster tools search queries data Since search engines were first created, they have offered great options for businesses to grow awareness and sales at a relatively low-cost. Given the potential of search to drive new business, being able to benchmark how effective your SEO is against your competitors is essential to get a baseline from which to improve. While marketers have and still do use rank checking tools for the keywords they are targeting, what you really want to know is how many visits (and so potential sales) you are attracting to your site as a share of the total demand for products and services based on the consumer intent, i.e. the number of searches by those looking for new products and services. The Google Keyword Planner is great for gaining an idea of the number of searches for different keywords, but it doesn’t help you readily compare to the number of actual visits you’re re


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