Engaging your social media circle

How to win friends and engage your brand circle Digital marketers understand that there’s strength in numbers better than anyone. After all, in a world where a campaign’s success depends on buzz, numbers are something brands live by, whether they’re spreading the word or planning new ways to engage fans and customers. But strength in numbers is essential for building a reputation, too. Just look at Governor Chris Christie’s recent press disaster, Bridgegate. At the first hint of scandal, his band of supporters, the Republican Party vanished. But what if Bridgegate had happened just before the 2016 presidential election? Chances are, Christie would have been getting support left and right. (Well, maybe just from the right.) At that point, his brand circle (the Republicans) would have tried to win swing voters. And a group is more powerful than an individual, especially when you’re trying to convince people to believe you. Brands are always striving to bring swing voters over


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