Auditing your site using Google Webmaster Tools after launching your website

8 key issues to review in your post-launch website checklist for Google Webmaster Tools During the process of creation of a website, lots of individuals (account managers, designers, developers and SEOs) will have spent many hours to create the best experience possible. But this can be wasted if certain checks aren t made after launch to ensure that everything is running smoothly from SEO. Apart from the essential Google Analytics customisations I described previously and review of routine onsite SEO checks (e.g. proper implementation of meta titles, meta descriptions, text links, heading tags, 301 redirections etc.), it is also essential not to check Google Webmaster tools as part of the post-launch process. In this post I will take you through the checks I regularly make as a guide. 1. Verification of the Site on Google Webmaster Tools Why do we need to verify the ownership of our website?  According to Google Webmaster Tools: ‘we need to know you own a site before we ll show


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