UK Online Ad Spend : Latest statistics released

Mobile and video formats show largest growth in expenditure Value: Recommended link: Latest UK online advertising spend research IAB In April 2014 the IAB and PwC have published their regular survey of full-year figures for online advertising in 2013. We recommend using this annual research on online advertising to benchmark your investment in online media with other organisations in the UK. The main headline which should prompt examination of brands are reaching their audiences on mobile devices is that: Mobile advertising spend doubled in the UK in 2013, passing £1bn  Other headlines from the latest ad spend report are: Across all categories advertising on the internet and mobile phones overall increased by 15.2% or £853 million to £6.30 billion in 2013 – up from £5.45 billion in 2012. Video advertising grew by 62% year-on-year to £324.9 million. Video now accounts for 18% of all online and mobile display advertising. Mobile now accounts for over one third (35%) of total di


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