Google Shopping campaigns: preparing for the August 2014 switchover

Less than 100 days until Google Shopping Campaigns Switch: 6 migration musts for Advertisers Do you remember 2012 when Google switched Google Shopping over to paid ads, and merchants on Google had a collective pain attack? It s happening again. This month Google announced they are switching the current version of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) over to the newer Google Shopping Campaigns format. Similar to the initial introduction of paid Product Listing Ads from (October 2012) , Google completely changed how Google Product Search functioned, and required merchants to make the switch within a certain timeline (July 2012). This time you can prepare in advance. How is Google changing Google Shopping and how can you get ready? Below are the details of how Google Shopping Campaigns are different from current Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping Campaigns best practices. Google Shopping Campaigns vs. Current PLAs Google Shopping Campaigns are at their core a new version of current PLAs. Unlike


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