The psychology of online pricing

How price, type size, position on page and the colour of prices can all impact on whether people click the buy now button The ultimate goal of marketing, of course, is to get people to buy. That means, that in an online context, actions that marketers can take to influence the pressing of a “buy now” button are desirable.  But how often do we focus on what seem like trivial things, such as the size of the type used to show the price? Psychological research shows some interesting factors about the way prices are displayed. Get the display of prices right on a web page and you can affect the chances of that “buy now” button being pressed. There are several factors which I shall cover in this article: Should prices end in an odd numbered digit? It is not the last digit that matters, but the first one The sound of prices influences clicks Choosing the right type size can increase sales The colour of price displays affects men more than women Should your prices be on the left or r


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