3 Google Analytics customisations that every site must have

A guide to the benefits and setup 3 of essential Google Analytics features Adding Google Analytics tracking code to a site is quick in most cases, but I find that many businesses leave it there and don t add more customisation to use some of the more advanced Google Analytics features. These features can give great advantages in understanding how users interact with your site, to support ideas for conversion optimisation. You may not consider these features advanced, but they are missing in many cases, so are advanced in this sense! The three customisations I will cover, which work best when considered together, are: Event tracking codes Goal setup A/B testing and content experiments 1. Event Tracking Codes The power of event tracking codes is shown by the many user actions that you can monitor within your website. Event tracking codes can make your life easier since you can monitor all these micro-conversions that matter to your business. You can monitor almost all online actions i


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