How do different types of content assets influence the consumer purchase decision process

New research shows how different types of content marketing supports brand engagement and purchase in different sectors Value: Recommended link: Download InPowered/Nielsen report With the increasing focus on content marketing, it’s important for marketers to work out how effective different types of content are at different points in the buying process. This new research from Nielsen, commissioned by InPowered shows dramatic differences in the effectiveness of content types across sectors affecting these brand metrics: Stage 1: Familiarity with a new product Stage 2: Affinity toward a brand or product Stage 3: Purchase consideration of a brand or product The research reviews three types of content, credible experts, third-party articles and user-generated content reviews. The importance of this type of content is shown from the statistic that 85% of consumers regularly seek out expert content ­- credible, third-party articles and reviews -­ for products they consider purchasing. T


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