How to use emotion and logic in your marketing messages

Learn to love The Logic Sandwich To successfully take people through a whole buying decision, you need to find the right balance between satisfying their emotional and logical needs. The human brain has two halves: the left side of the brain is rational, considered and thoughtful, the right is creative, intuitive and spontaneous. To really get someone on board with your brand, you need to appeal to both sides of their nature. In short, you need messages that tick their emotional and logical boxes. Are you serving up a Logic Sandwich? Whatever you’re selling and whomever you’re selling it to (in the vast majority of cases), you are selling to a person: a human being. And, real people are primarily driven by their emotions. Even when what they articulate is a logical motivation for a purchase, there will be an emotional driver behind that. For example, a manager may logically want to increase productivity in the workplace. This makes great business sense, but might really be because


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