Ideas to improve your website conversion rate

10 hidden factors that could be affecting your Conversion Rate Many elements come into play when you are seeking to improve the conversion rate of your website as part of a site conversion optimisation strategy. You may already appreciate the importance of testing major changes such as the offer, call-to-action buttons, placement of product pictures and headlines. However there are other technical features of a landing pages, which if not implemented correctly may also damage your conversion rate. In this article I define 10 factors which are less well known but could easily be compromising your success. The examples I will include cover both classic landing pages for lead generation, in B2B for example and also Ecommerce sites. Ten steps to improving conversion on your website 1. Utilizing a CAPTCHA Everyone is familiar with these A lot of web users hate CAPTCHA codes, which comprise of typically distorted combination of numbers entered to show that you are in fact human (and not an


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