Allocating marketing budgets – latest US/UK budget breakdowns

A summary of new research showing the level of investment in digital marketing in 2014 It s always useful to be able to compare the way your marketing budget is divided between different digital tactics. Particularly if changes in allocation are highlighted and ideally if the budgets are for similar companies. The fifth annual international survey from Econsultancy and Responsys Marketing Budgets 2014 helps with the first question. Over 600 businesses participated in the survey, note that some of these were agencies estimating their clients investments. This summary post includes what I believe to be the three most useful insights from the report Marketing Budgets 2014: Effectiveness, Measurement and Allocation Report. Proportion of marketing budget allocated to digital channels Proportion of marketing budget spent on digital marketing. Source: Econsultancy 2014. This chart suggests that if you are investing less than 10 or 20% of budget on digital then you may be out of step with yo


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