New research on CTRs in European countries shows the potential for RTB in Europe

From forecast to action: the adoption of real time bidding in Europe Not so long ago, the adoption of Real-time bidding (RTB) by advertisers in Europe seemed to lag behind that in the United States. While advertisers across the Atlantic were enthusiastically starting to use the real-time media purchase model, Europeans seemed less enthusiastic. However, in just over a year, the European market saw the real-time bidding skyrocketing. The year 2014 is not the time to ponder about turning to RTB, it s the time to seize and take advantage of the advanced technology at hand. What should we expect  to come in 2014, then? Accurate advertisement targeting – data more important than ever Western European advertisers and publishers now recognize the importance of big data resources, but so do the key e-commerce players in Central and East Europe. In general, in-depth personalization of online activities is the most basic benefit derived from automated advertising solutions. The point at issu


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