Using mobile email marketing to support m-commerce

5 key insights to create the best experience for your smartphone and tablet audience You ll know that usage of smartphones and tablets, and the revenue and engagement delivered by them, is skyrocketing. In Q3 of 2014, 25% of global traffic to e-commerce sites came from mobile devices (10% smartphones, 15% tablets) according to Monetate. That’s up 3% in a single quarter. Meanwhile, eMarketer predicts that the value of UK m-commerce in 2013 will have reached £6.61 billion. Understanding and optimising the customer journey and experience for these active mobile audiences has become an imperative for mainstream multichannel brands, as well as pure-play digital brands. Happily, there are simple ways to do this. Here are five steps I would start with Insight 1. Define mobile Organisations, analytics reports and the media use this term inconsistently. Be clear whether it just refers to smartphones or whether it s an umbrella term for all handheld devices including tablets. For actionable


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