Case studies showing how early adopters benefit from new social media platforms

What can we learn from brands who were early social media adopters? As many of the savvier global brands have found, being an early adopter of a new social media site can be an unprecedented opportunity for branding, visibility and platform building. In fact, doing so is a key strategy for staying relevant in an ever-changing business and marketing environment. In essence, being early means getting to be a real leader, determining just how companies will use that new space; it also means getting to connect directly with key influencers before the platform gets too crowded with competitors. But with that leap of faith comes real risk, and there s always the chance you could fail at a very public level. That, after all, is why many staid brands hesitate to join in, clinging to advertising models that are fast becoming irrelevant. The irony of being a successful early adopter is that you have to be willing to fail, then pick up the pieces and move on. For a glimpse of how to do it right,


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