Practical approaches to better content governance

5 content governance tips to keep your web experience relevant When discussing website relaunches and redesigns, a common refrain I hear among the reasons for the relaunches is: our old website had grown organically over the years . Usually this is a euphemism for navigation becoming more confusing as it is amended and content creep . To tackle these issues in preparation for relaunch, often some customer research is done, some content culled, card sorting exercises undertaken. The new website launches with a cutting-edge design; slimmed down, well written content and a breezy navigation. Big success! Yet after a while content creep sets in again the navigation is getting inconsistent and complaints come in about information being inaccurate or hard to find. Sound familiar? What lies behind it, and what can be done to stem the re-emergence of content creep and messy navigation? Web maintenance, just like a development project, needs control mechanisms, otherwise organic growth will s


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