How to tap an endless supply of content creation ideas

And avoid boring brand content One of the key challenges in content marketing is being able to create enough great content. Great? OK, maybe that’s vague, I mean relevant, engaging and it works. Great means different things to a financial services company than say, a BBQ grill manufacturer, a basmati rice brand or sports clothing manufacturer. The truth is we all have the same challenge when it come to content creation and content marketing creating dull content is a choice, it’s your choice. “If people aren’t talking about you, they’re not talking about you for a reason. And the reason isn’t that they dislike you. They’re not talking about you because you’re boring.” ~ Seth Godin People first Use your imagination, take a step back and think about your target audience, not your brand. What your audience needs over what you want to promote. It’s this return to people where it get’s so much easier for ideas generation. Persona creation is a great way to cluster cus


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