The biggest barriers to online purchase? [Infographic]

Statistics on consumer psychology on Ecommerce sites Have you ever wondered about which are the biggest consumer concerns that are a barrier to online purchase? For example, what is the perception if your website page is slow to load, what consumers actually think about your videos or if on-line vouchers affect the decision to buy. Of course, the best way is to ask consumer direct, by a panel of customers or through conducting a usability test. But as a quick alternative, check out the research we have compiled in the new Vouchercloud infographic on consumer buying psychology. The findings tell you some of the statistics and habits behind the clicks : 31% of consumers would be more likely to buy a product after watching a video since it reinforces their confidence, and 41% would abandon the shopping cart if there were hidden charges. More useful resources on e-commerce Ominichannel E-Commerce Satisfaction Drivers Improve conversions after the click Using Psychology to increase convers


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