Does Volume mean Value for Big Data in Marketing?

Continuing our briefing on how to apply Big Data for Marketing In the first post in this short series I gave an introduction to using Big Data for marketing.  That introductory post included an overview of the concept and looked at the three core elements Volume, Velocity and Variety. In this second post in the series, I will look at the impact of the increase volumes of data associated with Big Data what does this mean in practice for real-world marketing? Of the 3 V’s, Volume is the easiest to relate to Big Data, as it is about the amount of data, which as of 2012 stood at ~2.5 zettabytes and is expected to grow to almost 7.9 zettabytes by 2015. It is however a controversial area with many differing opinions on what constitutes ‘big volume’. To my 5 year old son I am a giant and whilst not short at just over 6ft I am by no means a giant This differing perception of what constitutes high volume changes from industry to industry meaning that the physical size of the data is no


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