An optimised digital marketing nirvana – is it achievable?

5 ideas to help your journey to nirvana Optimisation, it’s an important and hot topic. Whether SEO, advertising, email or conversion rate. We want more, we have to. Is it possible to reach an ‘optimised’ place, is it ever done, can we ever arrive at an optimised nirvana of continuous optimisation as we suggested in our recent 7 Steps to Digital Nirvana infographic? Whenever I talk to people, and listen to myself talking sometimes, you’d think that we are seeking a destination, a place where it’s all done. We re optimised! We asked about how optimised businesses are in their digital optimisation in our recent research on managing digital marketing it s good to see a fair proportion in the top 2 categories, but the majority don t optimise continuously. My experience is that in reality we never arrive. It’s a little like the idea that, as individuals, we ever reach a state of true happiness that we’re arrived and done. The reality is that just as life is a journey and happi


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