Creating a social media strategy for B2B audiences, products and services

4 inspiring examples of B2B companies harnessing social media for B2B marketing In our 7 Steps B2B Digital Marketing Guide we show the importance of tailoring planning and content generation and curation around the specific needs of business-to-business (B2B) buyers when positioning B2B products and services. In this post I will look at more examples of B2B companies making good use of social media. Social media and business are two phrases that have sat uncomfortably for several years; I think for good reason. I think about my own use of social media going back before 2008 to when the major platforms developed into mass audience participation, real-time news and networking sites, and the ways in which people use them. Business applications of social media do appear to have been shoehorned in as an afterthought. In previous posts, we talked about the importance of curating content and creating great original content and offered a number of examples of brands in B2B doing this well.


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