Introducing Smarketing

Case study: How Formstack integrate their sales and marketing In most companies, departments stay pretty close to their area of expertise. You each have your own superpowers and know your strengths. It’s difficult to get out of the comfort zone and not collaborate enough with other departments, but not doing so could be hurting your business. Without collaboration, you are missing out on vital perspectives that come from other aspects of your company. In marketing, you’re constantly searching for ways to improve communication and see into the minds of your customers. You can send out customer surveys and take the chance that you’ll get a decent, honest response. However, most of the time it’s difficult to get good qualitative insight from a survey. If you want to uncover hidden gems or issues your customers are facing, try collaborating with the secret agents of your business: your sales team.  What is Smarketing? Our marketing and sales teams at Formstack work closely togeth


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