Want to be great at marketing in 2014?

I was chatting to Smart Insights’ editor and CEO, Dave Chaffey, about my post this week and what I should write about, Dave suggested something important for marketers in 2014, after all we’ve just updated our health-check tool, and recognise that our audience are looking ahead and busy planning for success this year, so that would make sense. I looked back at my post from a year ago and noticed I did just that on the 17 Jan 2013, my advice was to focus on (1) content and (2) customer journeys across mobile channels. Good advice, proven so I think? It’s interesting as those two things came out top in an informal Smart Insights survey that we ran in early December. So am I to sugar coat the same advice and ideas differently this year? On the one hand yes, it’s still super relevant, but it’s missing some thing else for 2014. I wake up worrying about marketing I hope that you do too? I genuinely do worry. I run an agency with paying clients, their happiness is my focus, so it


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