A step-by-step guide to growing a B2B business using webinars

Our entire 68-point workflow for setting up and presenting a successful webinar Do you use webinars and want to make them more effective, or are you considering using them for the first time in 2014? In this post I ll share what we have found works for us, grouped into 11 steps. What you’ll get in this blog post: Three reasons why we host webinars—and why you probably should too. Some great technology that will hugely improve the quality of your webinars. Proven templates for all the documents you’ll need to create (emails, blog posts, etc.). Pre-webinar tasks you must complete before you start. Some easy-to-make embarrassing webinar blunders we’ve made, and how you can avoid them. How to edit the slides and video and post them to your blog. Why you should consider hosting webinars Webinars are highly effective for communicating with your target market. In fact, this year we have experimented with turning down almost every conference speaking request we have received, and inst


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