The Challenges and Opportunities of CRM in 2014

The truth hurts: Why CRM is still growing but still gruelling A cursory glance at the headline statistics for the CRM marketplace demonstrates a sector that is apparently in rude health. And in purely financial terms, this is undoubtedly the case. A multi-billion dollar industry forecasting robust growth in the coming years, CRM is creeping its way up the agenda of CEOs and CIOs. Even the global economic downturn couldn’t dent its progress, during which it was one of the few software markets that continued to thrive. But if you scratch beneath the surface of these statistics and forecasts, the CRM sector is not all sweetness and light. And while it has progressed far from its problematic early days of aborted implementations and expensive zombie systems, there are still challenges underpinning a large proportion of CRM projects. It’s time to shed some light on the world of CRM. CRM gathering pace Worldwide CRM software revenue topped $18 billion in 2012, up a healthy 12.5% from th


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