Big Data. Big Profits in 2014? [Infographic]

Interest in the value of Big Data continues into 2014 I m not sure whether to be impressed by this infographic or annoyed. It shows both what s powerful about infographics and their weaknesses. With the right headline, data and design, infographics can help raise awareness of an issue and associate a brand with a theme.  Kudos to McKinsey for getting the basics right, leading to it being shared by tens of thousands on Slideshare interesting they re getting good exposure using the new infographic feature on Slideshare, maybe just because it s new. Expect Slideshare to be polluted by a lot of infographics in 2014 . Anyway, here s the infographic in question, weaknesses to follow The biggest weakness is that the claim of the headline isn t backed up by the data and worse still, the data sources they use are out of date 2011 heinous! Not really, but it doesn t build credibility They are trying to make a bold point and totally fail to substantiate it even the recent blog post announcing t


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