How should Contact Centres integrate Social Media? [infographic]

The challenge for managers of contact centres in the era of the social media empowered customer Integrating social media into the Contact Centre is rather a daunting task, but with demand for social customer service growing at its current rate the time to think about it is now. Social customer service platform, Sentiment, has put together this handy infographic (below) that outlines some of the biggest challenges contact centres face. We will also be discussing approaches to manage this issue on January 15th 2014, when our Social Times CEO Luke Brynley-Jones will be hosting a webinar on ‘How Should Contact Centres Integrate Social Media?’. He’ll be joined by an excellent panel, including Martin Hill- Wilson (Brainfood Consulting), Luke Porter (Contact Centre Social) and Dom Sparkes (Tempero). You can register for the webinar. I’ve picked out some of the highlights from the research in the infographic in this post: Main challenges for Contact Centres 1. Ditching the legac


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