Improving your Social Media campaigns using Graphic Design

How to increase engagement for your Facebook posts In this post, I m going to take one skill from the list I curated in my article The Ultimate Guide to becoming a great Social Media Manager  and demonstrate to you exactly why it is essential for a Social Media Manager that skill is graphic design. How to improved the design of a Facebook Post in 10 minutes So, let s start with an example. From a social marketing point of view, how effective do you think this Facebook post is? You might think it s not too bad. You might think it s terrible. You may also be thinking about a similar post that you shared and how this compares to it. But the answer I m looking for is – it could be improved You will probably never create the perfect post . That s just the way it is. Companies spend thousands on trying to create viral campaigns. Some of course succeed, but they are never perfect. So how do we improve this post? Let s try using our graphic design skills to improve three specific things: 1

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