Selling through Amazon and eBay in 2014

The one New Years Resolution you should be making right now If I said that you could have access to 3,000 Wembley stadiums full of buyers that have the ability to purchase your product and the ability to pay immediately, you d probably think I m lying or a looney. But I m not, this is the reach of the marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, right now, today. In this article I aim to quash a few misconceptions and open your eyes to the obscene power of the marketplaces. And at the end of this article I have one question for you, but for now let s dive in. A Car boot sale and books? If you think eBay is a great big car boot sale and Amazon is just for books, then you re wrong, so very wrong. The marketplaces have evolved, they re gaining pace every single day and it s not just the smaller unheard of businesses that are using these marketplaces, over the past 3 years more and more household names have woken up to the potential of the marketplaces. Argos, SuperDry, Littlewoods, Boohoo, French


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