Using Email Media to unlock the hidden potential of staff email

Using staff email signatures to communicate your brand messages a case study of British Red Cross My journey with staff Email Media started 3 years ago when I rocked up to start a new job and had a loooooong list of induction meetings, one being with my Email Media Account Manager Tamsin. Now I will admit something here, I like to think that I have a good understanding of email marketing, transactional email, and trigger emails, but I was feeling slightly red-faced that I didn’t know much about what you could do with your employee emails. Email Media is simply a technology that links up with your employee email system such as Outlook, google apps or lotus notes etc., it adds dynamic (and trackable) footers and headers to all employee emails which supports the brand and your business objectives. In my role at the time I used Email media to support revenue, lead gen, customer service, cross / upselling , and brand messages. We segmented our messaging by department and had multiple mes


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