State of the art in CRO 2013 [Infographic]

New research shows effectiveness and best practices for CRO across 7 key CRO techniques Do you know the RedEye annual Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) report? It has now been produced for 5 years in conjunction with Econsultancy. Since the name was changed it has been instrumental in encouraging adoption of CRO and highlighting best practices. The latest practices in CRO are shown by the infographic below which summarises the popularity and effectiveness of different CRO techniques. Use it to review your approach. Ask 1. Does your company have someone responsible for CRO? Encouragingly, 79% of businesses do? 2. Is there a structured programme of testing and improvements? This is poor, only 26% of companies do suggesting defined responsibility doesn t mean there is a programme in place. 3. Are you using A/B testing? This is the most popular method of structured testing with prioritisation of tests important to success. 4. Should we run usability tests? It s rated as highly valuable


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