Analysing PPC ad performance for low volume ad groups

Practical tips to improve AdWords click volume and quality, particularly relevant for B2B and low volume B2C accounts PPC traffic, in most accounts, have a very uneven distribution between the ad groups. What I find is that usually there are a few ad groups that get lots of traffic and then lots of long tail ad groups that each get a little bit of traffic. This makes ad improvement tricky for the majority of ad groups. In order to improve ads we always run 2 or 3 ads in an ad group to see which one performs best over time and then optimise towards the best performer. So unless the ad groups ads have each had a high number of impressions and clicks then we cannot make a decision on which ad is performing best. Fine for the few high traffic ad groups, but less easy for the majority of the ad groups. This post shares a few hacks that can be made in order to get to decisions faster and optimise your PPC ads more quickly for better performance. Traffic Distribution in Adwords Accounts The


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