A short history of Google’s evolution of bespoke queries from Answers to Helpouts

Google Helpouts are the latest in a long line of services from Answers through Knol From when Google Search launched in 1997, Google has always been trying to find the best answers to its users queries. Google Helpouts are the latest approach to help answer users queries, but in a quite different way to standard search. Did you know that Google briefly tried a similar approach before? In order to provide a more dedicated response to users queries, in Aug 2001 Google decided to launch Google Questions and Answers . This service allowed users to send their questions by email and for a flat fee of US $3 Google staffers would reply to those questions. Unfortunately the Google service ran for only 24 hours, after which it was shut down due to excessive demand! This was followed by Google Answers in April 2002. This  was different in the sense as the users were asking other users (researchers) for answers and were willing to pay the researchers  between $2 to $200 to for an answer. Google


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